Why Join Choice?

Choice Residential -- Where Agents Take Control of Their Business!

At Choice Residential we believe that the agents make the firm, not the other way around. Our culture of support and collaboration from all of our agents make this an empowering place for agents to run their business. 

Are you tired of splitting 20-50% of your commission with the firm? Don't even understand your compensation plan to begin with? You're not alone!

Changing market conditions and new entrants into the real estate industry make it more important than ever to operate your real estate business in a cost-effective and strategic manner. You need flexibility to run your business in a way that is tailored to you and most importantly you need to be as profitable as possible. We can help you with this!

Our 100% Model

No hidden fees.  No junk fees.  $99/month includes access to our LOCAL office, E&O insurance, the DotLoop transaction management platform, a robust online training library, weekly live training in the office, agent masterminds, monthly social events and more.

Agents only pay $450 per closed transaction for their first 12 transactions of each year.  After that they only pay $99 per closed transaction for the remainder of their anniversary year.  

Local Offices

While our 100% commission model is similar to "virtual" real estate companies, we are far from virtual.  Choice Residential believes that having a local office is an important part of delivering unmatched value to our agents.  While agents mostly work from their home (maybe more accurately their car), having the local office allows our agents to come together for training, masterminding, meeting with clients, or even just because they want a quiet place to get some work done.  Our attractive office conveys professionalism with your clients and many of our agents have their buyer consultations and even closings at our local office.  

New Cary office location coming soon. 


We use state of the art technology to keep our agents operating seamlessly saving them time and money. Not only do our agents utilize state of the art transaction management software, but we'll also help you build out a suite of technology that fits YOUR business. No longer will you need to pay outrageous brokerage splits and fees only to be forced to use a tool that may not be a good fit for your business. It's time to take back control of your business!

Choice agents have access to the industry leading kvCORE platform (aka Kunversion) for only $30/month.  This platform provides you with a stellar website, Smart CRM and incredible lead generation tools.  To get this program on your own would cost you thousands in setup costs and $300/month.  kvCORE is the leading name in lead conversion websites & tools and to have access for only $30/month is the BEST deal in real estate. 


Choice Residential agents enjoy hours of training content online as well as downloads to support all aspects of your business.  We are proud to offer this amazing content to our agents, but the real difference at Choice Residential is that we have an extensive lineup of live training opportunities for our agents.  Topics like Online Lead Conversion Strategies, Social Media Best Practices, The Perfect Listing Presentation, Selected Topics from Closing Attorneys and many more fill up our robust live-training calendar.  We also live-stream these sessions so that you don't miss a thing if you can't show up in person. These sessions are current and relevant, never outdated and never filled with fluff. 

Agent Collaboration

We believe that the most ground-breaking developments in an agents career come from interacting with other agents in a collaborative environment.  No single agent can experience everything in this business, but as a group we can know and learn so much more.  We facilitate regular mastermind sessions so that our agents can not only get to know one another, but so that they can learn from each other.  At these mastermind sessions agents come to the table with whatever topics they want to discuss.  It's amazing what revelations come out of these amazing interactions.  

Our agents also support each other on a more granular level as well.  Have a new listing and would like for another agent to host an open house for you? Have a buyer that needs to see a home, but you're not available? No problem!  Just post on the internal office page to find someone chomping at the bit to host the open house or help you with your showing.

We also have regularly scheduled social events to give our agents even more opportunity to get to know their fellow agents.

Watch the video excerpt below from an interview with Choice Residential founder, Brian Hourigan, to hear more about why Choice Residential was founded and why it's the obvious choice for so many hardworking agents.

To discuss if Choice Residential is right for you and your business, contact Brian Hourigan for a confidential meeting.  You may reach Brian at (919) 280-3646 or Brian@ChoiceResidential.com.